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Thursday, 23 October 2008 20:27

This circuit is so simple it's almost embarrassing.

Ever had the problem that your function/pulse generator won't supply the current you need? Often this is the case when you want to test a short but high current pulse trough some load to see if it survives. E.g see how long a fuse survives.

The easiest way is to build half a push-pull stage. The NPN transistor's emitter will simply follow its base with some voltage drop which depends a bit on the current (but is typically around 0.6V), while the major part of the current is taken from the power supply. I used MJE15030 with a small heat sink because it was the first I found in the drawer.

This circuit can obviously only supply positive currents, but if you're interested in testing a circuit with high current / low voltage pulses this is usually enough.

Positive pulse current amp

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