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BSOD when installing XP x86 on a x64 AMD PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 15:58


We have two very similar systems based on similar hardware:

  • ASUS K8V SE Deluxe motherboard with an AMD 64-bit CPU installed.
  • IDE PATA RAID5 (in one case a 4xIDE Promise SX4000 RAID card and in the other case a 6x IDE 3Ware 7810¬†card)
  • CDROM places as master on secondary motherboard IDE channel
  • Adequate power supply


The first system with the 3ware card was in the end installed with Windows XP Pro x64, and the installation was done with a 3ware driver that could be downloaded from their web page.

The second system was eventually installed with Windows XP pro x86. The Promise driver used was an older Promise SX4000 driver, because the latest and greatest driver could not find the hard disk during "F6 install".


Initially we tried to install WIndows XP Pro x86 on both system, but they both behaved the same way: just after all was formatted, files copied and the computer had restarted, the scroll bar came up and then the machine ran into a BSOD, "MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION".


After browsing different forums where most ideas was about the memeory (that had been tested already) or overheating (system was pretty cool), we discovered one or two people having this motherboard and getting the MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION after installation of SP2. Apparently the problem was solved by changing the hard disks to cable select.

In our case we only had a CDROM drive attached to the secondary IDE as a master.

Unplugging the CDROM (= No devices on any of the IDE channels) and doing the installation from a USB CDROM did the trick. No more BSOD.

Apparently this behaviour is not present when installing Win XP Pro x64, only with Win XP Pro x86 on a 64-bit AMD (with ASUS K8V SE Deluxe).



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